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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lech Lecha 5770 / 2009 - Becoming an Abraham

In Parshat Lech Lecha, among the blessings that Avraham was to receive for leaving all that he had was the blessing that he himself should be a blessing (12:2). How does one become a blessing? Furthermore, Rashi comments that G-d promised Avraham that although he would be identified with Yitzchak and Yakov, any such blessings would end with Avraham's name at its conclusion. If the sages are correct that Yitzchak and Yakov reached higher levels than Avraham, what made him so special that any blessing would end with him?

Rav Moshe Feinstein explains that Avraham merited greater distinction because he was the first to establish faith in Hashem (G-d). Although those after him reached greater heights, Avraham's accomplishments were more worthy. Maybe this can explain how Avraham himself became the blessing: Taking initiative and starting something you believe is important for society is a blessing on its own, because it lays the framework for others to build on it! G-d promised Avraham, and in turn promised us, that, if we become leaders and initiators, our initial efforts will never be forgotten and we will always be remembered as a blessing!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

A world moving towards Truth

A few months ago I came across this video , (TO WATCH IT - scroll to bottom of the post) which brings to light a list of new words that are no longer politically correct and therefore can not be used in kids textbooks in the USA. Among those words are Deaf, Poor, Americans...(YEAH AMERICANS?) and many others. It seems a little strange at first, like what is going on here? I think the main point to notice here is that these words are offensive to some people and therefore people should avoid them. Looking at this specific point, I think it is definitely a GREAT thing and a step in the right direction.

On the other hand, do these words that they are choosing have any intrinsic bad in them? As some of those words could also be used for a good purpose and not necessarily in an offensive manner. Also whatever word they are planning to take out of textbooks will be replaced with a word that has the exact same meaning and therefore may become offensive once again. Will the new words be removed in another 5 years? What is really offensive: the word or what they portray? Something to think about.

Anyways, thanks to Hashem, proper speech was taught to the Jewish People apprx 3000 years ago when we received the Torah. The Great Kabbalist, The Ramchal z"l (i.e.,HaRav Moshe Chaim Luzzato from around 250 yrs ago, explicitly teaches us a lesson for life about proper speech in his book of Messilat Yesharim (Path of the Just)
Here is my English translation of what he says:
A general rule: One's evil inclination has many ways [to make a person stumble, but know this:] anything a person says that can possibly cause harm or disgrace to his friend, whether in his presence or behind his back, this falls under the transgression of "Lashon Harah". It is hated and vile before G-d. (שנאוי ומתועב לפני המקום).
As it is written:
Erchin page 16b: "Anyone who speaks loshon hara is like one who has denied everything (i.e., all of Torah)"
Tehillim 101: "He who slanders his neighbor in secret, Him I will cut down."

Back to american text books: As weird as it seems, If we focus on the good point that "Offensive words should be avoided" , we can see how the world is slowly coming to the realization of what our Holy Torah taught us many many years ago...

So, I think we are a seeing yet another sign that the world is moving towards, and laying out the groundwork for the final redemption in which The Truth will be revealed to the whole world.

Other interesting signs...
• Product reviews / user comments all over the internet leave businesses no choice but to be honest about the products that they try to sell. (truth)
• Abundance of knowledge available to everyone via internet. (knowledge)
• Via Internet - Everyone in the world can receive the same information simultaneously (oneness)
• Creation of the Euro, talks of the Amero, (currencies, countries coming together) conspiracies of a One World government. (oneness)
• ANY MORE? probably many...leave comments, let us know!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Results that we don't see...

I recently heard an amazing and inspiring lecture from Reb Tzvi Meir Zilberberg.
What an experience! You had to be there.
So here is something I picked up from the shmooze - maybe it will inspire you too.

Hashem told Noach to build an ark since a flood is coming.
Hashem didnt Say when.
Noach kept on building.
He kept building... for 120 years no flood came....
He kept on building even without seeing any results.
He served Hashem with "Temimut" (Simpleness?)

Hashem told him to get the people to do Teshuva.
....Noach tried.
Noach was unsuccesful in geting anyone to do Teshuva....
But he kept on trying and trying.
In the end, Noach bacame a zookeeper...looking after animals.
Not exactly what he had in mind...yet
He kept on serving Hashem.
Noach is the only one in the TORAH 5 books who is termed a "TZADIK".
anyways, our Sagesl teach us that The Big Teshuva Movement that will sprout up in the End of Days before Moshiach arrives..will be b'zechut these efforts of Noach (in other words in his merit)

Similar to Rabbi Akiva who saw the water dripping on a rock and noticed how that constant dripping over time had created a hole in the rock.
Could one drop of water create a hole in a rock?
Not each one individually ... drop... one drop... one drop...and another drop...etc etc
All together they are creating the hole.

We dont see the results of our actions, we do one good action here and another...we may see NO RESULTS.... but they are impacting the whole world more then we can imagine...and the results will be seen, B"H sooner than later!

Have a good Shabbos

Friday, October 16, 2009

SHLOCK ROCK download full NEW ALBUM - pay what you want!

SHLOCK ROCK presents their new CD
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you can download the whole thing
and apparently you can choose the price you
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Sounds awesome to me.

You can pay $1 or you can pay $20...
It's really all up to you.

SONG SNIPPETS from the album


Originally seen on: LazerBeams, Thanks

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yaakov Shwekey Live in Raanana - Sukkot 5770 - Couple Video clips

The Sukkot Holidays went well B"H. I was able to go with the family to a Shwekey Concert in Raanana. Thanks to Hashem (and the in-laws of course)
In my opinion, Yaakov Shwekey would be categorized in the "Chassidic /Jewish Music" genre . His recent tour would be promoting his new album named "Ad Bli Dai" " יעקב שוואקי - עד בלי די"
I would definitely recommend checking it out, even if you are not into, or have never listened to this style of music. I took some video clips "Live at the concert" and uploaded them to youtube. Check them out below:

This one is an older song "Kol Sasson v'kol Simcha" the crowd gets a little of the spotlight in this one. Nice moment.

And this clip is a song from his album "Lehsem Shamayim"
A quicker song - this was his grand finale to finish off the concert.