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Friday, October 23, 2009

Results that we don't see...

I recently heard an amazing and inspiring lecture from Reb Tzvi Meir Zilberberg.
What an experience! You had to be there.
So here is something I picked up from the shmooze - maybe it will inspire you too.

Hashem told Noach to build an ark since a flood is coming.
Hashem didnt Say when.
Noach kept on building.
He kept building... for 120 years no flood came....
He kept on building even without seeing any results.
He served Hashem with "Temimut" (Simpleness?)

Hashem told him to get the people to do Teshuva.
....Noach tried.
Noach was unsuccesful in geting anyone to do Teshuva....
But he kept on trying and trying.
In the end, Noach bacame a zookeeper...looking after animals.
Not exactly what he had in mind...yet
He kept on serving Hashem.
Noach is the only one in the TORAH 5 books who is termed a "TZADIK".
anyways, our Sagesl teach us that The Big Teshuva Movement that will sprout up in the End of Days before Moshiach arrives..will be b'zechut these efforts of Noach (in other words in his merit)

Similar to Rabbi Akiva who saw the water dripping on a rock and noticed how that constant dripping over time had created a hole in the rock.
Could one drop of water create a hole in a rock?
Not each one individually ... drop... one drop... one drop...and another drop...etc etc
All together they are creating the hole.

We dont see the results of our actions, we do one good action here and another...we may see NO RESULTS.... but they are impacting the whole world more then we can imagine...and the results will be seen, B"H sooner than later!

Have a good Shabbos

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