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Monday, October 12, 2009

Yaakov Shwekey Live in Raanana - Sukkot 5770 - Couple Video clips

The Sukkot Holidays went well B"H. I was able to go with the family to a Shwekey Concert in Raanana. Thanks to Hashem (and the in-laws of course)
In my opinion, Yaakov Shwekey would be categorized in the "Chassidic /Jewish Music" genre . His recent tour would be promoting his new album named "Ad Bli Dai" " יעקב שוואקי - עד בלי די"
I would definitely recommend checking it out, even if you are not into, or have never listened to this style of music. I took some video clips "Live at the concert" and uploaded them to youtube. Check them out below:

This one is an older song "Kol Sasson v'kol Simcha" the crowd gets a little of the spotlight in this one. Nice moment.

And this clip is a song from his album "Lehsem Shamayim"
A quicker song - this was his grand finale to finish off the concert.

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