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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lech Lecha 5770 / 2009 - Becoming an Abraham

In Parshat Lech Lecha, among the blessings that Avraham was to receive for leaving all that he had was the blessing that he himself should be a blessing (12:2). How does one become a blessing? Furthermore, Rashi comments that G-d promised Avraham that although he would be identified with Yitzchak and Yakov, any such blessings would end with Avraham's name at its conclusion. If the sages are correct that Yitzchak and Yakov reached higher levels than Avraham, what made him so special that any blessing would end with him?

Rav Moshe Feinstein explains that Avraham merited greater distinction because he was the first to establish faith in Hashem (G-d). Although those after him reached greater heights, Avraham's accomplishments were more worthy. Maybe this can explain how Avraham himself became the blessing: Taking initiative and starting something you believe is important for society is a blessing on its own, because it lays the framework for others to build on it! G-d promised Avraham, and in turn promised us, that, if we become leaders and initiators, our initial efforts will never be forgotten and we will always be remembered as a blessing!

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  1. The other reason would be that they learned at the lap of Abraham. He was their spiritual teacher and guide. Abraham's tent was always open on all 4 sides to anyone willing to learn. Without this, they would be nothing on their own. Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the 3 generations is why the Torah states all the time "That for 3-4 generations....". And in other sciptures it indicates that if there is evil in another families 3-4 generations (Like Amalek) without G-d that these type would not have the opportunity from Grandfather to grandson to learn of G-d properly.
    In the Shema we are to "teach our children thoroughly" the word of G-d. Our best teachers are always parents. They know exactly how to teach each individual child and with their own childs needs. Any other teacher would never have the insite on each individual child when a classroom is filled with 30 students.