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Monday, July 27, 2009

"We Believe in G-d" To be emblazoned on Israeli currency?

MK Nissim Zeev of Shas proposes to print money with "We Believe in the Creator"on it - [seen on ynet] "Money and bills are the center of our life, and it is befitting that the money issued by the State of Israel will be a reminder of Jewish faith," explained MK Zeev. "Even those who don't uphold the mitzvot will be reminded in this way of the foundation of the religion of Israel." Arab MK Tibi didn't like the idea.

Israel exists only because of G-d. The Jewish people's survival and return to the land of Israel after 2000 years is totally miraculous . A sheep living among 70 wolves . All thanks and gratitude goes to G-d himself for making this possible.

"All of mans sustenance is alloted to him from Rosh Hashana until Yom Kipur (i.e. sustenance for the whole year) except for Shabbat expenses...Yom Tov expenses...expenses for Torah education..he who spends less, less is alloted to him..he who spends more, more is alloted to him..." [Gemara, Mesechet Beitza 16a]

We see that our money is also in fact from Hashem. Even though we work hard to earn it, we have to always remember that it's G-d who is providing it.

I think this is an amazing idea for the Jewish state. Thank you Nissim Zeev for bringing a greater awareness of Hashem to the people Israel - kol hakavod.

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