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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the century ...ends off with the Star of David.

Amazing footage of the longest solar eclipse in the century (Thanks to: Rabbi Rachamim Pauli for the video link) You have to watch to the very end of the clip - you will see the shine of the sun give off a beautiful Magen David shape.

What does this mean? I don't know.

Here is a possible way to look at it: The long eclipse is a reminder of the long darkness that the Jewish people have endured throughout the exile and continue to endure. The light that shines forth at the end is to remind us of the light at the end of the tunnel which will be that of the Star David (i.e The Moshiach Ben David) may it be soon in our time. (-:

[Gemara Sukkah 29a] Our Rabbis
taught in a Baraita: “At the time that
the sun is eclipsed, it is a bad sign
for the idolaters
(a general reference to
the gentile nations).

As quoted by HaRav Amnon Yitzchak (See original 3 min Hebrew video of the Rav): In the book of Imrei Bina of the RAVAD (Avraham ben David HaLevy)written about 1000 years ago says the following: "At the end of the jubilee year of 48, the year 5768. A year afterwards, the Great Jubilee year 5769, (that would be this current year) the Pasuk: "Yom Nakam b'libi" will be fulfilled, in by which G-d will take revenge on the nations of the world."

So if you put it all's sounds pretty scary.
The times are changing at a rapid speed. G-d is not hiding the reality from us. North Korea is getting antsy - Iran is playing with fire - and USA is not the friend it used to be.
Israel has nothing to fear.
We have (G-d) Hashem as our protector - we always did and we always will.
We have to hang on to the Torah and Mitzvot that Hashem gave us...fulfill them with joy.. and get closer to Him. Now is the time. May Hashem protect Bnei Yisrael at all times.
Have a Good Shabbos!

Regarding the Magen David shaped Sun glare:
Someone had recently commented, saying that the lens flare of a Magen David shape could be done by using a certain type of camera lens. If that is true, I think BBC should use those more often. (-:
I also spoke with some video/photography guys to get their opinion. They have never seen this effect before, although anything is possible. Overall, they liked it.


  1. And there shall be one day which shall be known as the LORD'S, not day, and not night; but it shall come to pass, that at evening time there shall be light. Zech. 14:7 1917 JPS

    ...just because it wasn't this eclipse...there's one coming like never seen before...B"H!

  2. Symbols have meaning only to those who're in the culture that uses them.

    Are we not taught to avoid attaching meaning to siderial events and phenomena? Isn't this the essential error of the idolators?

    This is beautiful, but so is everything HaKadosh Borchu has made in his ""amazing and expanding Universe (kludged from Monty Python.

  3. @Bob Martin
    I think an essential error of the idolaters was that they took a symbol and turned it into an end in itself.
    See: Maimonides at the beginning of Hilchot Avoda Zara.

    Here I am suggesting that possibly Hashem is showing us a sign, to tell us something (i.e,. to awaken us) - and that we should use it as a means to an end. That end being: to serve Hashem better.

    It is true that everything Hashem does is beautiful and amazing and I think we should all strive to be able to look at even the most "simple" things in the creation and be able to use that as a means to strengthen ourselves in Emunah and the service of G-d.

    I think, this is a level one should strive for and that not everyone is there yet. B"H we all merit to reach that level of vision soon.

  4. This looks more like a distortion from the lens than something that would have been visible to someone seeing it in person. It's an artifact, not real.

  5. @GilaB
    I guess only someone who was actually there could say for sure. It's pretty fascinating that it made a magen David shape.

    It definitely got our attention.

    Having said that:
    The solar eclipse combined with the speech of Rav Amnon Yitzchak Shlita bring the main point of this post home:
    "We have to hang on to the Torah and Mitzvot that Hashem gave us...fulfill them with joy.. and get closer to Him. Now is the time. May Hashem protect Bnei Yisrael at all times."